Voter Verified Elections


Courtesy of the West Michigan News Company


    Donations to Voter Verified Elections are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3)  

    Donations will be used to create election software that allows the voter to verify that their vote is in an official database, and that it is correct as they voted it. It will be additionally used to provide information on candidates and issues. We are a non-profit organization, so we will not show prejudice toward any candidate or issue, but present a platform that will allow people to discuss their political issues, and place them on a ballot for voting.

     Our goal is to create honest, verifiable elections in a democracy. Since all power vests in the people in a democracy, we will allow the people to choose what issues and candidates they want on their ballots. If there exists current conflicts of interest within the current system, we may use donations in an attempt to cure those conflicts.

     With your help, our goal is to help resolve the many political issues that face the people in our world today.

Pat Foster, Chair

"The origin of all civil government must be a voluntary compact between the rulers and the ruled."  Alexander Hamilton