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Governments’ Formula for Stealing Elections

1. The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) established in Section 301 Voting Systems Standards, and Diebold Election Systems and others produced new tabulators to count the ballots based upon the new standards. One standard was not mentioned. Modems attached to the tabulators so that the county clerk could come into the tabulators on election day, and change the vote totals to anything he or she wanted it to be. In the 2016 General Election, apparently the Russians came in and changed many precincts. It was not a matter of super hackers having to crack a complex system, it was as simple as paying someone for the telephone numbers. Everything else is for sale in our country.

2. HAVA, Section 301( a)(2) provides for an audit capacity, which is a paper ballot. The only time an election is audited is if a judge or a candidate requests it. This is only done in less than 1% of the total votes made. If there is a recount, the clerk who can change the votes by modem is given the authority to secure the ballot containers. There are pictures of two seals above that I took during a recount in Allegan County of the 2008 General Election for the position of Circuit Court Judge. 53% of the total precincts could not be recounted because 14 ballot containers had total ballots that did not agree with the poll sheets, and 11 ballot containers had improperly attached seals. Now the state worker in charge of the recount,

3. Sue McRill had knocked out 11 precincts because of improperly attached seals, she accepted the two in the heading of this page. The one on the right had the end of the seal clipped, so that the contents could be compromised. By accepting that seal, she was complicit with the fraud.

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