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By Pat Foster

The first thing I have to do is admit a prejudice against meat. When I was small, my parents purchased good meat, and it was truly a good part of their budget. They would put a piece of steak on my plate, and say eat that principally because it cost a lot of money. I would get literally very sick with a piece of fat in my mouth, and I actually threw up. Ma would cut it up in small pieces, and claim to have cut off all the fat, but it was still there. Finally I learned to put these pieces under the edge of my plate, and ask for more veggie’s. Since my sister had the job of clearing the table and washing the dishes, she would cover for me. I really wished that we had a dog back then, so I could have just fed this meat to him or her.

In the late eighties, I was in my forties, and decided to take over my own life. I gave up red meat. I never shed a tear over it, and I am well aware that many of my friends would rather give up their left nut, than to stop eating meat. This is truly an issue that needs to be discussed. I have placed three you tube videos to the right. The first two are just short trailers, and they want you to pay to see them. If you have a Netflix subscription, they come with it. I like Netflix, because they seem to be doing some great work on presenting material that is censored by social media. Google’s You tube may censor, but if you are willing to pay, they seem very happy to look the other way.

The two top videos deal with how food is currently being processed, and how that affects your health. Down at the bottom of this page, I give you some links both pro and con regarding Monsanto’s GMO’s. The American Medical Association made the following statement in the Monsanto link: “Bioengineered foods [GMO food] have been consumed for close to 20 years, and during that time, no overt consequences on human health have been reported and/or substantiated in the peer-reviewed literature.”  They sure didn’t look at that second video about wheat. A lot of the people in that video have PhD's after their names.

The videos make a point. You cannot genetically modify wheat so that it can hold large amounts of Roundup pesticides in it and feed it to the whole world without some side affects. The issue is glyphosate, the pesticide in Monsanto’s Roundup is ending up in everybody’s lower intestines resulting in leaky gut disease termed Celiac disease. This causes your food not to be digested properly putting undigested proteins in your bloodstream resulting in eventual death. What do expect when the whole population eats wheat loaded with this and our country produces enough every year to feed 10 billion people, when there are only 7 billion on the planet. Is it possible that somebody has decided that there are to many of us, and this is a method of population control?

The third video on the bottom is about the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas that “cures cancer.” It was this very video that helped me save the life of a very close friend and significant other, Blanche Hudson. She was a heavy smoker, and was thoroughly addicted to cigarettes. Since I first met her she had this terrible cough. It sounded like this cough a friend of my mother had. My mother’s friend eventually died of cancer.

Blanche ended up losing her voice gradually, and I tried to talk her into going to her doctor. It was to close to the full moon, so we had to wait. By the time we got there, her doctor looked inside her throat and sent her to a specialist, who said she had a tumor in her voice box. He did a biopsy on the tumor, and said it was malignant, and the cancer had spread into her lymph nodes and her entire chest. He said she was terminal and there was nothing he could do.

I watched that video on the Burzynski Clinic, and filed an application with them. Since there was some biopsy material of the cancer cells, they had me send it to a lab in Arizona. They accepted her, and I took her out there, While we were out there the Burzynski clinic sent her to a hospital for an emergency tracheotomy so she could breathe. They gave her their pb’s, which is their natural cure, and they gave her chemotherapy from a list produced by the University of Michigan School of Medicine that determines which chemo’s have the best ability to cure her particular cancer. After five weeks we were back home, and the tumor was completely gone, her lymph glands and chest were completely cured of cancer. She had only a small amount of cancer left where the tumor had been attached to her voice box. Since insurance will not cover it, the costs average $30k.

The oncologist that worked on Blanche back in Holland, Michigan told me that he could not use the same chemo’s that Burznski had used because the health insurance companies would not pay for them. He said that oncologist’s are at least 10 years behind what they know works strictly because of the insurance companies.

Well Blanche was finally cancer free and she started smoking again. I talked her into smoking Spirit cigarettes, because they put no additives into the cigarette. I understand that commercially made cigarettes have over 90 additives. It must work, because it is now 5 years since she was healed of cancer, and it has not come back despite her continued addiction to the Spirit cigarettes.

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Pat Foster, Chair

Helpful Links

Food and Water Watch deals with how the food chain is making people sick.

Monsanto gives their argument for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).

Wikipedia on Monsanto gives history of the company

CBS News warns that glyphosate the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup may cause cancer. California wants Monsanto to label it, but Monsanto argues that it may hurt their business.

Roundup gave us cancer as EPA official helped the company by Holly Yan, CNN Timothy Litzenburg’s law firm represtnts more than 500 of them. “It would not surprise me in the least if there are 2,000 to 3,000 cases by the end of the year.” Litzenburg said. “This is the most-used herbicide in the world…from the largest farm operations to backyard gardens. It’s ubiquitous.”

Burzynski Cancer research clinic

Mercola Outside view of the Burzynski Clinic


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If the scientists both pro and con Monsanto are not positively assured that Roundup does not cause cancer, then why are we subsidizing a possible carcinogen that may kill us? The purpose of government is to regulate harmful substances that may injure the citizens, environment, or any thing within our borders. Since it is largely found in wheat, people are attempting to go wheat free. See video: “What’s with Wheat” above.