Voter Verified Elections


Voter Verified Elections


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Declaration of Compliance with the U.S. Constitution

We the people of the United States of America give notice to the government that we will run our own elections without government interference in compliance with Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

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Pat Foster, Chair

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Two seals at a recount after the 2008 General Election in Allegan County. The first seal was tied on loosely so it could be cut and the ballots compromised. The second seal has it’s end cut off, so the ballot container was very likely compromised because the State of Michigan accepted both of these seals after forbidding anyone to see 11 other precincts because their seals were “improperly placed on the ballot container.”

Government Secrecy

I run and operate a local investigative news service out of Fennville, Michigan called the West Michigan News Company. I audited my counties 2008 General Election in which there was a recount. I include photographs of ballot container seals I took at that recount. The results of my recount went beyond finding that government was controlling the totals on the officials tabulators making your vote meaningless. I personally photographed around 25,000 ballots, and counted most of them personally.

I watched as clerks took a great deal of time after I requested to photograph the ballots, and I knew that gave them time to change the ballots to whatever the official total was. During these audits, a great number of clerks were very upset because this was happening. They were told it would never happen. Later I found that the campaign finance accounts of elected officials are secret. Once we go after them in ballots run by the people, I believe you will see wholesale defection by government workers. Taking elections away from government will that difficult. We will just do it.