Voter Verified Elections


Voter Verified Elections

United States

Declaration of Compliance with the U.S. Constitution

We the people of the United States of America give notice to the government that we will run our own elections without government interference in compliance with Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

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Pat Foster, Chair


Each state has it’s own individual problems, and they are almost all linked to the issue of secret, tax-free bank accounts held by elected officials for their campaign funds. I will attempt to show how what has happened in Michigan can be used in the Dakota’s to force government back into control by the people, rather than the few who are paying to own it. A Republic is any form of government from an oligarchy to a democracy. The United States is currently an oligarchy run by major corporations for their own benefit, but promoted as a democracy. The original founders of our country never meant it to be that way. The very preamble to our constitution starts out with “we the people”, not we the controllers of major, multi-national corporations.

This website is dedicated to creating a democracy, that gives power to the people so that they can live their lives in peace. I am dedicated to making your vote worth something, which it is not under government run elections where they can change the vote totals to anything they want them to be. The people who are elected to office are not put there through your votes, they are put there because they will do as they are told, and take money into their secret bank accounts for the services they produce for their masters.

You take the first step in creating a democracy by filling out the Declaration of Compliance with the U.S. Constitution. By doing so, you are giving notice to government that you will take part in private elections separate from government interference. Since the power of government is at the community level, we define communities as groups of voters who wish to vote together for a common end. The most common groups are organized precincts, but since you control elections, you also have the right to form your own groups. Examples would be prisoners in a common jail or prison, Indians on a reservation, etc. The common defining limit to your group is the state line.

If you want to put up some articles, please send them to, and I will publish them for all to see. As the website grows, there will be room for groups to push their issues as long as they allow dissenting views. There are always at least two sides to every issue, and this is a platform designed to allow both sides to present their arguments.This needs to be a platform for people who hold differing views to show them and take discussion on them.

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